Welcome to the City

  • Ever wondered what mixing parkour and combat would look like in real life? Watch the effects of our collaboration with Storror - an amazing parkour POV video inspired by Dying Light 2 Stay Human - and wonder no more.

  • Behind the Scenes
    Behind the Scenes

    Watch exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and see how one of the scariest parkour POV shots was made!

  • Parkour Escape - Behind the Scenes

Music From Dying City

  • Watch how the best artists from all around the world have created The City's interactive soundtrack and... one very special instrument. Featuring Olivier Derivière, the London Contemporary Orchestra, Nicolas Bras, and Abbey Road Studios.

  • Olivier Derivière
    Olivier Derivière

    Internationally acclaimed for his distinctive and dynamic soundtracks, BAFTA-nominated French composer and music designer Olivier Derivière (A Plague Tale: Innocence, Remember Me, Alone In The Dark) scores his most ambitious soundtrack yet in Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

    Read more here

  • Olivier Derivière - music

Meet Lawan

Meet Lawan

Sharp as her crossbow’s bolt, Lawan is one of the strongest warriors you will meet in The City. What are her goals? Her story? You’ll find all the answers in Dying Light 2 Stay Human! Can’t wait? Learn more about the character played by the Hollywood star Rosario Dawson right here.

Show Us Your Work and Win Prizes

  • Show Us Your Work and Win Prizes

    Create a unique piece of art inspired by the world of Dying Light 2 Stay Human, and show it to as for a chance to win amazing prizes in our contest.

    Check It Now

    The contest has wrapped up!
    Stay tuned for more.

Stories from the Dying City

  • Ubran Legends

    At night, when the Infected walk out into the streets of The City, people hide in their safe zones, hoping the UV lamps will keep them alive until dawn. To kill time, they tell tales—Urban Legends. Watch them now, and learn more about The City's secrets.

  • Urban Legends - the Jonah
  • Audio Story #1 - Rosemary

    An old church, a mysterious dream, and a beautiful girl. What do they have in common? Listen to our gripping audio story to find out.

  • Audio Story #2 - Antigone

    In a place such as The City, where love is put to the hardest of tests—death, some people still find a way to overcome the challenges it presents. But what happens when the person you love is not a human anymore?

  • Audio Story #3 - Dedrick

    Experience a tale about a father who's lost his daughter in the middle of a post-apocalyptic city. When he finally finds her, he makes a choice that changes more than one life.


Test yourself

  • Which Kind of Monster Are You?
    Which Kind of Monster Are You?

    Check which kind of monster you’d become in Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

    Take the test to discover your fate as an infected resident of the post-apocalyptic city.

    Take the test

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