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    Outsider 「0 xp
    • TGG
    • Wallpapers Starter Pack
    Wallpapers Starter Pack
    Impatient for Dying Light 2 Stay Human? Immerse into its world now with this set of detailed wallpapers. It's almost as if you were there already.
  • 1
    Outsider 「0 xp
    • DL2
    • The Hussar
    The Hussar
    Swoosh. You're dead.
  • 2
    Outsider 「500 xp
    • DL1
    • Last Hope
    Last Hope
    Enjoy this unique Dying Light 2 Stay Human weapon already in Dying Light. They say it's the strongest one in the game, but it's always better to check for yourself.
  • 3
    Outsider 「1500 xp
    • DL1
    • World's Best Pet
    World's Best Pet
    In a zombie-infested world, one must make do with what they have. And sometimes, all you want is a friend. Even if a cardboard one.
  • 4
    Outsider 「3000 xp
    • DL1
    • Lightning Swan
    Lightning Swan
    Let your foes bask in your light. Literally—fry them dead with this sword's powerful lightning attack.
  • 5
    Outsider 「5000 xp
    • DL1
    • Ye Olde Trusty
    Ye Olde Trusty
    Put your hands on the upgraded Ye Olde Trusty wrench, and shock your enemies with your truly electrifying skill.
  • 6
    Farmer 「7500 xp
    • DL1
    • Dragon's Breath
    Dragon's Breath
    Get this mighty Dying Light bow infusing you with the power of a dragon's breath, and use it to annihilate any opponent on your way.
  • 7
    Farmer 「10500 xp
    • DL1
    • Grim Scepter
    Grim Scepter
    Yeah, zombies are already dead; but it doesn't hurt to be sure. Not you, at least.
  • 8
    Farmer 「14000 xp
    • DL1
    • Bolted Mace
    Bolted Mace
    If it wasn't enough to simply kill your enemies, this bolted mace will also make certain they suffer in the process.
  • 9
    Farmer 「18000 xp
    • DL1
    • Neon Storm
    Neon Storm
    Bring some light to Harran! Unlock this flashy paint job to pimp up your buggy, and make yourself stand out in the darkness.
  • 10
    Farmer 「22500 xp
    • DL1
    • C4
    Done taking it slow? Go all in and blow up your enemies in Harran with these C-4 explosives. Let's make some noise!
  • 11
    Builder 「27500 xp
    • DL1
    • Deadeye's Bow
    Deadeye's Bow
    Fire your arrows with speed and precision of a true marksperson, and don't give the bad guys a chance to react. They won't know what hit 'em!
  • 12
    Builder 「33000 xp
    • TGG
    • Banshee: I am The Cure
    Banshee: I am The Cure
    An original comic book in a digital form, showing a backstory of Banshee—a mysterious Dying Light 2 Stay Human monster.
  • 13
    Builder 「39000 xp
    • DL1
    • Spectral Bat
    Spectral Bat
    Its ghastly glow changes color from pink in the daylight to blue in the darkness, but the best thing about this formidable weapon is its HyperMode kick!
  • 14
    Builder 「45500 xp
    • DL1
    • Deadeye's Crossbow
    Deadeye's Crossbow
    Eliminate opponents more effectively thanks to this crossbow's shorter reload time, and become a real sharpshooter. Pew, pew, pew!
  • 15
    Builder 「52500 xp
    • DL1
    • Little Rising Sun
    Little Rising Sun
    This paint job won't make you invisible, but it sure looks great paired with the flamethrower.
  • 16
    Trader 「60000 xp
    • DL1
    • Brilliant Hammer
    Brilliant Hammer
    With the Brilliant Hammer - a Dying Light 2 weapon now available in Dying Light - you'll finally drum it into your enemies' heads that you always win.
  • 17
    Trader 「68000 xp
    • DL1
    • Ratty
    Who said you can only dress up for Halloween? With this outfit, the spooky season lasts all year long. Happy haunting!
  • 18
    Trader 「76500 xp
    • DL2
    • Paraglider skin 1
    Paraglider skin 1
  • 19
    Trader 「85500 xp
    • DL2
    • Paraglider skin 2
    Paraglider skin 2
  • 20
    Trader 「95000 xp
    • DL2
    • Charms pack
    Charms pack
    Just a subtle touch, but so much joy. What better way to express yourself than with these weapon charms?
  • 21
    Scavenger 「105000 xp
    • DL2
    • Paraglider skin 3
    Paraglider skin 3
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    • Coming Soon
    Expect more to come

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