Long Night

Face the horrors of the Long Night to win a prize. Nighttime increases the risk of Special Infected encounters and mutation sample quantities.

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How to Participate

The risk of Special Infected encounters has increased at night. Still, a spark of hope emerges as the vicious creatures now also produce more mutation samples. Not to mention everyone has the chance to win two Harper’s tokens by simply participating in the event.

Remember to have a TechlandGG account connected to the gaming platform on which you’re playing Dying Light 2 Stay Human to CLAIM your reward.

Participation Goal

Play the game during the Long Night event.

The city dwellers have often spoken of a night when a wave of creatures ushers in total chaos. The Long Night is what they call it. Board up the doors or find yourself at the mercy of the mindless ones.

Participation Goal

Chapter 1

The Nightrunners were heroes of old. I was one of them, but that don’t mean the fight had to stop there. The name is Harper and I’m gonna need your help, Pilgrim. There’s been a sudden spike in the Infected — the problem won’t take care of itself. Slaughter some enemies for me. In return, I’ll grant you access to a high-end catalog of weapons, outfits and consumables.

Our actions here are going to change the fate of this city. Are you in?

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