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Your very first steps in TechlandGG

  • Create your TechlandGG account
    Create your TechlandGG account
  • Complete quests
    Complete quests
  • Earn XP and level up
    Get XP and advance to higher levels
  • Get unique rewards
    Get unique rewards

What's waiting for you?

All sorts of Dying Light and Dying Light 2 Stay Human unique equipment and crafting materials:

  • 4
    Outsider 「3000xp
    • DL1
    • Lightning Swan
    Lightning Swan
    Let your foes bask in your light. Literally—fry them dead with this sword's powerful lightning attack.
  • 11
    Builder 「27500xp
    • DL1
    • Aiden's Torso
    Aiden's Torso
    Build a whole six-piece Dying Light 2 Stay Human outfit by collecting its unique elements and swagger around The City in your brand new wear.
  • 16
    Trader 「60000xp
    • DL1
    • Little Rising Sun
    Little Rising Sun
    This paint job won't make you invisible, but it sure looks great paired with the flamethrower.

What's here to do?

There are many quests to do in Techland GG. Various types of quests and challenges to complete in game.

  • Movement trials
    Movement trials
  • Time trials
    Time trials
  • Kill challenges
    Kill challenges
  • Crafting challenges
    Crafting challenges
  • Other

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